The MacMania Museum is not just a collection of web pages uploaded onto a server somewhere in cyber-space, but is actually based on my own Macintosh collection. Started in early 2002 with an SE/30, the collection now includes far more machines than is healthy (according to friends and family) and, while by no means complete, does constitute a good proportion of the 680X0 Macs released.

From easily found machines such as the IIci, through to some not quite so easily available machines, the MacMania Museum may not house the most complete collection of Macs ever formed but it keeps me busy and is almost always being added to, and while the focus is on the 680X0 machines, there's always room for just about any machine with an Apple logo on the front.

If you're new to the site, you'll find write-ups about all of the 680X0 Macs but those that are in the collection usually have a little extra section based on my own personal experience with the machine.

So here they are, the machines that make this site possible, and if you want to see what a big pile of Macs looks like in the real world, try looking at this, this and this.

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Clones: ComputerWarehouse - Manhattan

Clones: Motorola StarMax 3000

Clones: Motorola StarMax 4000

Clones: Umax Apus 2000/SuperMac C500

Clones: Umax Apus 3000/SuperMac C600

Clones: Umax Pulsar 2330/SuperMac S900

Compacts: Lisa

Compacts: Mac 128k

Compacts: Mac 512k

Compacts: Mac Classic II / Mac Performa 200

Compacts: Mac Classic

Compacts: Mac Colour Classic / Mac Performa 250

Compacts: Mac Plus

Compacts: Mac SE/30

Compacts: Mac SE

Desktops: Mac Centris 610 / Mac Quadra 610

Desktops: Mac Centris 650 / Mac Quadra 650

Desktops: Mac Centris 660AV / Mac Quadra 660AV

Desktops: Mac LC 630DOS / Mac Performa 640DOS

Desktops: Mac LC II / Mac Performa 400-430

Desktops: Mac LC III / Mac Performa 450

Desktops: Mac LC III+ / Mac Performa 460-467

Desktops: Mac LC

Desktops: Mac Quadra 605 / Mac Performa 475-476 / Mac LC 475

Desktops: Mac Quadra 630 / Mac LC 630 / Mac Performa 630-638

Desktops: Mac Quadra 700

Desktops: Mac Quadra 800 / Apple Workgroup Server 80

Desktops: Mac Quadra 840AV

Desktops: Mac Quadra 950 / Apple Workgroup Server 95

Desktops: Macintosh II

Desktops: Macintosh IIci

Desktops: Macintosh IIcx

Desktops: Macintosh IIfx

Desktops: Macintosh IIsi

Desktops: Macintosh IIvi

Desktops: Macintosh IIvx / Mac Performa 600

Desktops: Macintosh IIx

iMacs: eMac

iMacs: iMac G3-233

iMacs: iMac G3-500

iMacs: iMac G4-700

iMacs: iMac G5 (Ambient Light Sensor)

iMacs: Mac Mini

Offshoots: Apple IIc

Offshoots: Apple IIe

Offshoots: Apple IIgs

Offshoots: eMate 300

Offshoots: Newton Messagepad

Offshoots: NeXTstation / NeXTstation Turbo / NeXTstation Color / NeXTstation Turbo Color

Offshoots: PowerCD

Offshoots: QuickTake Digital Camera

Portables: Mac iBook G3 (Clamshell)

Portables: Mac iBook G4

Portables: Mac Portable, Mac Portable (Backlit)

Portables: Mac PowerBook 100

Portables: Mac PowerBook 140

Portables: Mac PowerBook 1400

Portables: Mac PowerBook 145 / Mac PowerBook 145b

Portables: Mac PowerBook 150

Portables: Mac PowerBook 160

Portables: Mac PowerBook 165 / Mac PowerBook 165c

Portables: Mac PowerBook 170

Portables: Mac PowerBook 180 / Mac PowerBook 180c

Portables: Mac PowerBook 190 / Mac PowerBook 190cs

Portables: Mac PowerBook 2400

Portables: Mac PowerBook 3400c

Portables: Mac PowerBook 520 / Mac PowerBook 520c

Portables: Mac PowerBook 5300

Portables: Mac PowerBook 540 / Mac PowerBook 540c

Portables: Mac PowerBook 550c

Portables: Mac PowerBook Duo 210

Portables: Mac PowerBook Duo 230

Portables: Mac PowerBook Duo 2300c

Portables: Mac PowerBook Duo 250

Portables: Mac PowerBook Duo 270c

Portables: Mac PowerBook Duo 280 / Mac PowerBook Duo 280c

Portables: Mac PowerBook G3 (Lombard)

Portables: Mac PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet/Wallstreet II)

Portables: Mac PowerBook G3

Portables: Mac PowerBook G4

PowerPCs: Power Mac 4400 / Power Mac 7220

PowerPCs: Power Mac 5200

PowerPCs: Power Mac 6100 / Power Mac 6100AV / Power Mac 6100 DOS

PowerPCs: Power Mac 6200 / Mac Performa 6200

PowerPCs: Power Mac 6300-120 / Mac Performa 6320

PowerPCs: Power Mac 6400 / Mac Performa 6400

PowerPCs: Power Mac 6500

PowerPCs: Power Mac 7100

PowerPCs: Power Mac 7200

PowerPCs: Power Mac 7300

PowerPCs: Power Mac 7500

PowerPCs: Power Mac 7600

PowerPCs: Power Mac 8100

PowerPCs: Power Mac 8200

PowerPCs: Power Mac 8500

PowerPCs: Power Mac 8600

PowerPCs: Power Mac 9500 / Power Mac 9515

PowerPCs: Power Mac 9600

PowerPCs: Power Mac G3 (233MHz-266MHz)

PowerPCs: Power Mac G3 (300MHz - 366MHz)

PowerPCs: Power Mac G3 (Blue & White)

PowerPCs: Power Mac G4 (Quicksilver)

PowerPCs: Power Mac G4 Cube

PowerPCs: Power Mac G4

PowerPCs: Power Mac G5

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