The Macintosh certainly galvanised an industry when it was released in 1984 and it soon went on to became Apple's premier product (by a very big margin) but while it may have encompassed pretty much all of Apple's output from 1984 to the end of the 20th century, it wasn't the only product that the fruit-logo'd firm produced.

There were a swathe of other machines that fell outside of the core 'Macintosh brand', and it's here you'll find some of these more 'distant relatives' that have either been produced by Apple themselves or have some kind of significant Apple connection. More than just sharing parts or developement staff, these are the machines that are quintessentially 'Apple' but, for whatever reason, either don't have the all important stripey fruit logo or simply don't fall under the Macintosh banner.


 Apple IIc (released 24th April 1984)
 Apple IIe (released January 1983)
 Apple IIgs (released 15th September 1986)
 Apple Scanner (released August 1988)
 Newton Messagepad (released August 1993)
 eMate 300 (released 7th March 1997)
 ImageWriter (released 1st June 1984)
 NeXTstation (released September 1990)
 PowerCD (released 1993)
 QuickTake Digital Camera (released February 1994)
 StyleWriter 1200 (released 1st April 1995)

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