68040 CPUs


Just as the 68030 had been an evolution of the existing 68020, the 68040 was an evolution of the 68030. Rather than re-invent, Motorola added more features to the existing architecture and, for the first time, incorporated a floating point unit (Note: The 68LC040 had the floating point unit removed to cut costs).

Like the 68030 and 68020, the 68040 was a 32 bit processor but, apart from the FPU, brought very little new to the party. Seperate memory management units were added for instructions and data, and the instruction cache was increased from 256 bytes to 4kb. It may not have sounded like much of a change on paper but in reality 68040 equipped Macs would be the most powerful 68K Macs ever released.

The 68040 also spelled the end of the road for the 68K Macs and despite Motorola going on to produce the 68060, Apple entered into a joint venture with IBM, the result being a whole new generation of machines based on a little chip called the PowerPC...


 Mac Centris 610/Mac Quadra 610 (released 21st October 1993)
 Mac Centris 650/Mac Quadra 650 (released 21st October 1993)
 Mac Centris 660AV/Mac Quadra 660AV (released 29th July 1993)
 Mac LC 575/Mac Performa 575-578 (released 3rd November 1994)
 Mac LC 580/Mac Performa 580,588 (released 3rd April 1995)
 Mac LC 630DOS/Performa 640DOS (released 1st July 1994)
 Mac PowerBook 190 (released 28th August 1995)
 Mac PowerBook Duo 280 / Mac PowerBook Duo 280c (released 16th May 1994)
 Mac PowerBook 520 / Mac PowerBook 520c (released 16th May 1994)
 Mac PowerBook 540 / Mac PowerBook 540c (released 16th May 1994)
 Mac PowerBook 550c (released 30th May 1995)
 Mac Quadra 605/Mac Performa 475-476/Mac LC 475 (released 18th October 1993)
 Mac Quadra 610DOS (released February 1994)
 Mac Quadra 630/Mac LC 630/Mac Performa 630-638 (released 1st July 1994)
 Mac Quadra 700 (released 21st October 1991)
 Mac Quadra 800/Apple Workgroup Server 80 (released 10th February 1993)
 Mac Quadra 840AV (released 29th July 1993)
 Mac Quadra 900 (released 21st October 1991)
 Mac Quadra 950/Apple Workgroup Server 95 (released 18th May 1992)

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