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The MacMania Museum was created by Macintosh fanatic TheNeil. It's not in any way connected to Apple or any profit making organisation (or indeed ANY organisation but if anyone wishes to bequeath me a fortune then that's alright with me, I suppose) - just me sat at various machines typing up various bits of information and filling my time.

I've been a Mac user ever since I bought my first second hand Macintosh (an SE/30) in 2001 and have been totally addicted ever since. An ardent collector here in the UK I don't have what could be considered a definitive collection of Macs but I have more machines than is generally considered to be healthy. This site is a way of sharing my experiences and knowledge and detailing the great little machines that have binged and started with a smiley Mac face. I certainly don't know everything though and there's always something new to learn - if I get it wrong, please let me know. And as well as being a nice human being it's also a way of documenting my own collection.

Away from the Mac world I'm something of a traitor, being a PC software developer by day (client/server stuff - nothing to get excited about) and a artist by night. Is it possible for one person to lead a more boring and nerdy life? I suppose in my defence I could say that at least I don't spend all my time reading books about networking or getting excited about the latest graphics card.

I've become a published author with two books about growing up with Asperger Syndrome (available here and here), and seem to spend far too much time writing about antique computer hardware - most of which is in the articles section.


This is in no way a definitive list but these are the books that I turn to when I get stuck or just want to find stuff out!

Voodoo Mac by Kay Yarborough Nelson (Ventana Press)
Macs For Dummies by David Pogue (IDG Books)
Upgrading&Troubleshooting Your Mac by Gene Steinberg (Osbourne)
The Macintosh Bible by Arthur Naiman (Goldstein&Blair)
Beyond The Little Mac Book by Steve Broback/Robin Williams (Peachpit Press)
The Little iMac Book by Robin Williams (Peachpit Press)

The Mac Bathroom Reader by Owen B. Linzmayer (Sybex)
Apple Confidential 2.0 by Owen B. Linzmayer (No Starch Press)
Cult of Mac by Leander Kahney (No Starch Press)
Revolution In The Valley by Andy Hertzfeld (O'Reilly)
Insanely Great by Steven Levy (Penguin)

Supercade by Van Burnham (MIT Press)
Arcade Fever by John Sellers (Running Press)
The Ultimate History of Video Games by Steven L. Kent (Prima)
Digital Retro by Gordon Lang (Ilex)
Electronic Brains by Mike Hally (Granta)
Early British Computers by Simon Lavington (Manchester University Press)
A Computer Named Leo by Georgina Ferry (Harper Perennial)
Computers an Illustrated History by Christian Wurster (Taschen)
Fire In The Valley by Paul Freiberger/Michael Swaine (McGraw Hill)

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